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Cooked Goods

For 30 years we have been perfecting our yummy pastry range. Our pasties have been a major part of our business and we are very proud of them. You can choose from Steak, Traditional beef mince, Lamb and mint and Cheese and apple (not just for vegetarians!). You can also enjoy Sausage rolls, Pies, Quiches, Pizzas and Scotch eggs, all hand made by Selina and Lyn.


We have a cheese for everyone's taste! At just over 30 types, our range is versatile, from classic cheddar to fruity soft cheeses like our Mango and Ginger Stilton. If you prefer goats cheese, blue cheese or a more continental option come in and see us and have a taste!

Lots, lots more!

Aswell as our cheeses and cooked goods we have a wide range of deli options. Including Olives, Yogurts, Coleslaw, Potato salad and Cooked meats many of which we cook and make on the premises. We also have shelved goods from exotic herbs and spices to the finest coffees! if you need it we probably have it!

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