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Our story



In 1982 Sheila and Vahan Piranian visited Topsham and immedietly fell in love with the beautiful town.


Sheila's Uncle Arthur already lived and worked (as a butcher) in the area, and the idea of opening a local butchers was born at 67 Fore Street Topsham.


Although the Piranians still lived in Abu Dhabi, Sheila opened Arthurs in 1983 with its name sake running the show! 


One year into business being open, Arthur's apprentice from his last job, came to join the team, and we are so very glad he did. This young gentlemen was called Tony Langdon, he contiuned to be a huge part of the team until Arthur retired in the late 1990's, and Tony took over and became the wonderful manager he still is today!


Sheila moved back to Topsham in 1987, bringing with her a little girl (me!). She began full time in the shop, and they continued to build a successful business with help from a brilliant team, including my Grandad Ted who delivered for them, until he retired at the age of 72!


   On the 32nd Anniversary, I joined the team, and hoped to take the reigns of the business and continue the legacy my amazing family left to me!







This brings us up to date! My husband Billy and myself have spent 6 wonderful years running our lovely shop. We have put a lot of thoughts and work into trying to bring Arthurs in to 2021 without losing the beautiful nostalgia that is so important to us. We continue to love being part of an ever growing community. Here’s to another generation of Topsham shopping locally. 




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